You have a great story to tell, and your audience is waiting to hear it.

People love a good story! The question is: How do you cut through the noise and get it to them? That’s where I come in.

Studies show most people process what they see 60,000 times faster than they read text.

So, you need excellent visual content to get your message across. With over a decade of experience as a professional visual storyteller, I can help you take your story and put it into the form that shows you and what you offer in the best possible light.

Still wondering where your story is? Get my free resource “Where’s My Story: Finding the stories that connect with your audience.”

What does your visual content say about you?

People form a first impression in 50 milliseconds. That’s not a lot of time to impress, so your first look better be a good one.

The world of visuals can be overwhelming, with lots of technical jargon, like pixels, dpi, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc. I’m here to help you cut through the tech-speak and produce professional-quality, highly creative, visual content that draws your audience in and leaves them asking for more.

Here’s my promise to you:

  • Excellence: The content we create together will be professional quality and meet or exceed the specifications we agree on.

  • Efficiency: Your budget and your schedule will be honored throughout the process.

  • Enthrallment: We will leverage creativity and imagination to engage your audience.

  • Empathy: I will work to know you, your customers, and anyone whose story we are telling so that both the process and the end product meet the needs of those involved.

  • Dignity: Stories are precious and run deep with those who hold them. In telling any story, respect will be key.

  • Truthfulness: In story and in life, honesty keeps us moving forward. I will be upfront with you in what I can and cannot do, and ask that you do the same with me.